Special Thanks

We are so grateful for the generosity of all the donors to our Indiegogo campaign who really made this production possible: Teri Adell, Barbara Bravo, Peter Breitsch, Rose Crawford, Susan Crawford, Coca Crystal, Wyatt Day, Gloria DiStefano, John Doble, Dion Drislane, Christopher Edgette, Anne Flournoy, James Gabriel, Joan Ghiselin, Rich Giersch, Karen C. Harmon, Charles B. Huntley, Gary Kupper, Clare Larson, P. Leitner, Kwei Lin Lum, Marie Mason, Gammy Miller, Karen Nelson, Owiso Odera, Lisa O’Hara, Nora Pierson, T. Rathi, Tracy Rieder, Ellen Rosenfeld, Lynne Shevlin, Toni Slotkin, Deborah Smith, Shai Specht-Sandler, Jen and Dean Stein, P. Jane Stevens, Drake Stutesman, Jordan Tamagni, Christine Tomlinson, Nancy Wolitzer, Renna Zimmer, and several anonymous donors.

Special thanks from Lynda Crawford to Peter Reich—reading A Book of Dreams gave me the heart of this play; to Jack Gelber, Bill Hauptman, Katt Lissard, Mac Wellman, and John Steppling (playwrights I’ve been lucky to have as teachers—and thank you, Katt, for the idea of including Reich in the play); to Playformers for years of support that helped to nurture this play; to Lucy McMichael, Bill McCarty, Owiso Odera, Nora Pierson, and all the actors who brought these characters to life in earlier readings—it helped me get here; to Reverie Productions for choosing Strange Rain to be a finalist in the Next Generation Playwriting Competition (2004); to FringeNYC for selecting it to be part of its 2013 crop of new work; to East Midtown Plaza and to Phil Rothman at Brotherhood Synagogue for giving us rehearsal space; to our really nice publicist Dale Heller; to Donna Miller for a beautiful program and to Persephone Thorn for our stunning graphics; to Simone for the incredible gift you have given me of your time and your talented direction; to our wonderful cast (Andy, Charles,  J. J., Jennifer, Julia, Kaethe, Kelly, Malachy, Sammy, and Scott) and band (Jon and Kuri) and production crew (Ben, Mikki, Timothy, Xeña, André) for your beautiful work; to Kevin, our ace ACR; to dear Raz, our stalwart stage manager, for always maintaining your cool; to my friends and to my sister Susan for all your encouragement and support; and to Jon and Nora and Jennifer.

Special thanks from Simone Federman to Dr. Andrew Sylvester, Tisch Multiple Sclerosis Research Center of New York, Sarah Wilkinson, Jamie Boyle, and Alchemical Theatre Laboratory. And thank you Lynda for teaching me so much about collaboration and generosity. Thank you Xeña and Jon for so much more  than support. The violent occupation of our planet is an embarrassment to us all. The ambiguity as to whose fault that this play sets forth speaks to its artistic merit.

Passages from A Book of Dreams by Peter Reich, published by Harper Collins, 1973, are used within the play by kind permission of the Author.


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