Strange Rain

FringeNYC, August 2013


by Lynda Crawford
Directed by Simone Federman

STRANGE RAIN follows two reporters as they try to unravel the mystery of a prolonged rain with the aid of lesbian psychics, comic meteorologists, a street-kid poet, and a mysterious man who talks of UFOs and secret experiments in the desert, all leading back decades to the real-life experiments of Wilhelm Reich in the 1950s. The story, though, is not so much about Reich as about deciding what is real and making peace with a difficult past. There are several love stories—central, a boy’s love for his father.

NEWS!!! STRANGE RAIN receives an Overall Excellence Award in Playwriting: more info

NEWS!!!  Indie Theatre Now has selected Strange Rain to be part of the “FringeNYC 2013 Collection” that they
are publishing—20-30 plays that are considered the best new plays seen in the festival.  Indie Theatre Now

(Buy a copy of STRANGE RAIN here.)


VENUE #14: The Lynn Redgrave Theater     45 Bleecker Street (at Lafayette Street)

The cast features Sammy Bravo, Kaethe Fine, Charles Goforth*, Scott Klavan*, Andrew Langton, Kelly Miller*, J. J. Pyle*, Malachy Silva,
Julia Steele Allen, and Jennifer Tchiakpe  (*members AEA)

Music & Noise Band — Jon Pierson and Michael Andrew Hideto Kurihara

Produced by YaYa Productions in association with FringeNYC

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