November 2013



By Lynda Crawford

Directed by Stellios Manolakakis

An unconventional comic book character fights to survive
(and find love) as a censor tries to have him erased.

Still 8

Still 4

Dancing Penises

more photos here

Harvest Festival @ The Chain Theatre
21-28 45th Road,  LIC
(Directions Below)

Friday, Nov 15 @ 7    Saturday, Nov 16 @ 9
Tuesday, Nov 19 @ 9    Thursday, Nov 21 @ 9
Special Encore Performance Saturday, Nov 23 @ 7:30

FEATURING Ama Addison, Jason Black, Laura Bray
Cristian Ciocan, Mikki Olson, and Malachy Silva

Stage Manager — Prudence DiBenedetto
Set Design — Stellios Manolakakis
Set Art — Len Vretholm
Graphic Design — Persephone Thorn
Production Expediter — Jon Pierson

Getting to the Chain Theatre

TAKE 7 train to COURT SQUARE or E train to  COURT SQUARE/23RD STREET. On the street, look for AND walk toward the Court Square Diner. The block to the right of the Court Square Diner is 45th Road. (No street sign unfortunately.) Go down that street and walk half block to theatre (21-28 45 RD); the theatre will be on your left—you will pass AA Lumber on right and the theatre is across the street from Eastlight Studios. The G and M also go to the area. Just look for the Court Square Diner, or ask…that is the best landmark. 
 More Info on Chain Theatre




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